Steve’s Five-A-Day 27/2/09

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The Five-A-Day returns! I got my laptop back, it has new motherboard and is work like a dream! Yayz! Anyway, links for today!

1. Grandad is giving out about the Paddy’s Day Junkets. Cant help but nod my head.
2. Darragh tells us about 4FM, something which I hadnt heard of and launched today. It can be gotten in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway and Clare.
3. GayPatriot tell us more about the Log Cabin Republicans being funded by Democrats! They also have exclusives! This is a must read for political junkies!
4. Julien Frisch has the results of a few European Parliament Elction Opinion Polls. Interesting results.
5. Slugger tells us that Fianna Fail are to join the European Liberal, Democratic and Reform Party.

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