Steve’s Five-A-Day 7/2/09

Election Posters (Tokyo)Image by nofrills via Flickr

Saturday is a day for reaading in my book, so here is five things that have popped up in my reader I think you should read.

1. Commentary Blog have an excellent piece on the upcoming Israeli Election. A definite read for political junkies! Also check out the Wiki page for the elections
2. Trust Tommy wonders what makes people happy.
3. GayPatriot show us the difference between a good staffer and a bad one.
4. Slugger points out some Irish Languae activisits who are unhappy with Sinn Fein
5. Polling Report have a post on tomorrows UK Poll for the Sunday Telegraph, which has the LibDems only 6 points behind Labour! This is another on for the Political Junkies out there!

Enjoy your evening!

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