Steve’s Five-A-Day 8/2/09

Spirit of ScotlandImage by dmcneil via Flickr

Here is soe reading for Sunday. (PS the pictre has nothing really to do with the post, its just something I liked that I found with Zemanta)

1. SwissInfo have an excellent article on the referendum yesterday in Switzerland. The results are due later today.
2. Slugger has an excellent piece on the Conservatives getting closer to the SNP in Scotland.
3. GayPatriot point out three states in the US with no need for a bailout. All of them Republican!
4. Strange Maps looks at the inflitration of foreign Euros into France.
5. Guido highlights more sleaze in the House of Lords, yet again it is a Labour Peer.

Do you have a blogpost that might interest me for my five a day? Then link it in the comment section!

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