Steve’s Five-A-Day 9/2/09

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Its Monday! The start of a new week and here are some interesting reads that have popped up for me.

1. Tony Barber of the FT’s Brussels Blog wonders if the recession will test the public image of the EU.
2. Garry Kasparov writing for Speigel Online (English Edition) shows us the mess that the Russian Economy is in and asks that it is not helped.
3. Vlad of Etre moral, etre sincere reminds us that we need to be careful online.
4. Grandad thinks twitter is a headwreck, and he is kind of right
5. GapPatriot calls on Gay Groups to criticise angry Prop 8’s “mean-spirited tactics”

PS: The picture is there cause I like it!
PPS: Have an article that you think would go in my five-a-day? Post the link in the comment section.

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