8th and 9th Think Posts!

I have been a busy boy today! I have posted two new posts over on thinkaboutit.eu. The first post is about Jury Team, a group of independents going for election to the European Parliament in the UK.

The Federal Union blog high-light an interesting initiative in the UK which aims at getting independents elected to the European Parliament. They are called Jury Team. While Federal Union think they are wrong way about the European Parliament saying we need more party based politics in parliament not less, I think the Jury Team could actually drum up interest in the European Elections. Independents are known for bringing people who feel unrepresented by political party’s out to vote.

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The second post is about Libertas and its recruitment for candidates for the European Elections.

Too lazy to run for election? Know a friend who would run? You both support Libertas? Great! Then nominate them as a candidate for Libertas in this years European Elections!

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Thanks to all who have rated so far! Only three months or so left in the competition!

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