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So Ireland, and mainly Fianna Fail, is on its way to following the UK the US into Web 2.0 land. Brian Cowen will be answering questions posed to him. I suggest that he actually starts answering questions in the Dáil first then answer our questions. But anyway, you can ask questions here, I have an awful feeling that my question wont be answered, as it will be a scripted affair with all the nice questions being asked.

My question is

When will the Government admit they made a mistake in nationalising Anglo Irish Bank considering the investigation and raids by Gardaí?

I wonder how it will go…

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2 thoughts on “Ask Brian Cowen!”

  1. I don’t think your question would be answered – not in its current form, at least. You’ve committed the heinous deed known as the ‘loaded question’ – if you want to increase the chance of it being answered, I’d advise you to rephrase it.

    Honestly, I wouldn’t answer it – if you say ‘yeah’, you’re admitting to a mistake, if you say ‘no’, you’re admitting inaction – there’s no fair way to answer this question.

  2. Sully, I know its a loaded question, but it is an answer he has refused to give in the Dáil or anywhere else either where he is supposed to be held accountable! but it SHOULD be answered.

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