I was going to vote for you but your a looooon

This year I was contemplating given Kathy Sinnott a preference in the European Elections this year (considering Fianna Fail are getting none) but I remembered why not when at work on Saturday I was reading an old copy of the Cork Independent (free sheet) and it had profiles on lots of the candidates in the Locals and Europeans. They asked them to list their priorites, on of Kathy’s was and I quote

Preventing the HSE from promoting Euthanasia in Cork University Hospital

Okay so firstly, what??? You can promote Euthanasia? I didn’t know that. Secondly people in CUH want you to get better not die (I hope).

Another thing that works against her in my opinion is that she is co-president of the Independence/Democracy group which is the group that UKIP is in. I certainly do not want to withdraw or diminish the EU in anyway so nope, no vote for Kathy.

The only reason I was going to vote for Kathy Sinnott was because, if you email her on any issue she gets back to you with her answer either with or against you. Unfortunately can’t get over her statements such as the one above to actually vote for her!

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Author: Stephen

Cork born and bred, proud European and Irishman. Involved in many organisations and politics. Also writes for SpirtualityIreland.org and UCC Express.

10 thoughts on “I was going to vote for you but your a looooon”

  1. Kathy Sinnott isn’t a “loon”. You may disagree with her politics but you have no reason to stoop to childish name-calling.

    Want to attack someone? Have a look at those who helped create the economic crisis that is devastating ordinary people in Ireland today. Kathy isn’t one of those.

    1. Craig, I am giving my opinion and that is it. I do attack people who have created the mess we are in. I am suffering cause of it. She might not be one of those who created the mess, but she aint doing anythingt o help me.

  2. Personally I strongly disagree with many of her viewpoints; particularly because it seems to be a brand of conservativism which largely overlooks the grey areas and complexities of life.

    I don’t know how being an MEP would help her with local campaigns – except maybe giving her more status, but surely that’s at the expense of a candidate who has policies on the EU that they prioritise over issues that MEPs have no control over?

    As for her European views, well, it’s probably fairly obvious that I’m opposed to them too. Whatever people think about the Lisbon Treaty, there’s no groundswell of feeling to diminish or dismantle the EU.

    What’s the quality of the other candidates? Or have they all been announced yet?

    1. Eurocentric,

      I agree on her conservatisim, I am conservative but she is waaay more right wing.

      Your right also on the MEP/Local Issue thing and on leaving/diminishing the EU.

      I have listed ther other candidates announced so far here

  3. Loon (or Looooon if you must!) is an apt term for Sinnott. She appeals to the Jesus crowd, the Pro-lifers and that part of the electorate which seems to be defined by its ignorance. Opposed to contraception, abortion, stem cell research and even the European project by the looks of it. She’s not big on progress is she? 🙂

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