Monday Links 30/03/09

So I stopped doing the five a day as it was beginning to be a chore, so I have decided to do a linky post every two days, so Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. So here is the first installement.

Check out Helena’s post on about aslyum seekers (supposedly) taking jobs, the comments are quite interesting.

Der Spiegel tell us about a Nudist Hotel planned in Germany. Don’t think I am up for that.

Sticking with hotels (with clothes this time) Elf in Amsterdam has a cool post about a Heli-hotel…

A new blog, The Wonderful World Of Joe

Roy of Irish Taxi has some pictures from the Taxi Strike today

Arse End of Ireland talks about C U Next TuesdayS (Just read the capitals)

Brussels Blog tell us how Sweden are preparing for their EU Presidency tell him how the EU should be run, via The European Citizen

And a video…

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