Open Meetings on The Economy

Simon Coveney TD (FG – Cork South Central) is organising open meetings on the Economy. He currently has three organised. They will take place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week.

Thursday 26th March. Carrigaline Court. 8pm
Friday 27th March. The Bosun, Monkstown. 8pm
Saturday 28th March. Ballinlough Community Hall. 7pm

He explains why he is holding these meetings

I’m holding a series of public meetings in various locations to talk to people who want to gain a better understanding of our current Economic Crisis. People are understandably fearful for what the future holds: for their jobs, their mortgages, their pensions and their ability to simply pay the bills.

This recession is very real and Cork is being hit hard. Nationally, we are facing a challenge no-one could have dreamt possible even a year ago – massive job losses, broken banks, huge personal debt, pension deficits, national exchequer collapse, an international reputation in tatters – How has it come to this and how can we dig ourselves out?

I am inviting you to come and hear the blunt facts about the state of the economy, and what can be expected in the Emergency Budget on April 7th.

My commitment is simple: straight talking, an honest assessment, answers to as many of your questions as possible – no spin, no blame, no party politics, just the facts as I see them and an outline of the choices we now face to bring hope and confidence back again.

I hope you will take the time to come along to one of the meetings as I think you’ll find the meeting interesting, informative and absolutely non party political.

Not sure if I can make any of the meetings, but Simon is a fantastic speaker on the Economy and has facts that will make you think and realise how bad a state we are in. If you can make it do go along.

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