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I have been sent the results of a poll that will be published in tomorrows Sunday Business Post. The headline figures are:

Fianna Fail: 23 (-5)
Fine Gael: 30 (-3)
Labour: 22 (+8)
Greens: 6 (-2)
Sinn Fein: 11 (+2)
Independents: 8

There has also been a small change in the figures on support if the Lisbon Treaty which now show a 70-30 split in favour.

When this poll is compared with Fridays poll in the Indo, the numbers are largely similar. Fine Gael and Labour sit on the same, while Fianna Fail are lower in this poll.

The big winners in the latest opinion polls are Labour and Sinn Fein who have both increase their vote share consistently. Fine Gael, have come down in the polls marginally and seam to be hovering around the 30% mark. The Greens are starting to suffer from Collateral damage and are loosing ground in the polls. It is interesting to see if this will continue and if the party leadership will move to stem this.

The elections this year will be quite interesting if these patterns continue and looking back, I think they will.

UPDATE: I had this up ten Minutes before RTÉ sweet! 🙂 Look at publish times (18:03 to 18:15!)

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