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The Draw for the running order for the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest took place today in Moscow and the results are as follows.

The first Semi-Final (May 12th)

1. Montenegro
2. Czech Republic
3. Belgium
4. Belarus
5. Sweden
6. Armenia
7. Andorra
8. Switzerland
9. Turkey
10. Israel
11. Bulgaria (chosen with a wildcard)
12. Iceland
13. FYR Macedonia
14. Romania
15. Finland
16. Portugal (chosen with a wildcard)
17. Malta (chosen with a wildcard)
18. Bosnia & Herzegovina

The second Semi-Final (May 14th)

1. Croatia
2. Ireland
3. Latvia
4. Serbia
5. Poland
6. Norway
7. Cyprus
8. Slovakia
9. Denmark
10. Slovenia
11. Hungary
12. Azerbaijan
13. Greece
14. Lithuania
15. Moldova
16. Albania
17. Ukraine (chosen with a wilcard)
18. Estonia (chosen with a wildcard)
19. The Netherlands (chosen with a wildcard)

The Final (May 16th)

1. Semi-Final qualifier
2. Semi-Final qualifier
3. France
4. Semi-Final qualifier
5. Semi-Final qualifier
6. Semi-Final qualifier
7. Semi-Final qualifier
8. Semi-Final qualifier
9. Semi-Final qualifier
10. Russia
11. Semi-Final qualifier
12. Semi-Final qualifier
13. Semi-Final qualifier
14. Semi-Final qualifier
15. Semi-Final qualifier
16. Semi-Final qualifier
17. Germany
18. Semi-Final qualifier
19. Semi-Final qualifier
20. Semi-Final qualifier
21. Semi-Final qualifier
22. Semi-Final qualifier
23. United Kingdom
24. Semi-Final qualifier
25. Spain (chosen with a wildcard)

The draw for the running order of the voting in the final also took place. Spain, Belgium, Belarus, Malta, Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden, Iceland, France, Israel, Russia, Latvia, Montenegro, Andorra, Finland, Switzerland, Norway, Bulgaria, Lithuania, United Kingdom, FYR Macedonia, Slovakia, Greece, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Ukraine, Turkey, Albania,Serbia, Cyprus, Poland, the Netherlands, Estonia, Portugal, Romania, Ireland, Denmark, Moldova, Slovenia, Armenia, Hungary and finally Azerbaijan.

Ireland has been drawn in the “unlucky” number 2 slot in the second semi. The last time we started at that position was in 1995 with Eddie Friel and we ended up 14th. Though both countries in the number 2 slot qualified from last year, one was from televoting alone (Israel) and the other was by Jury (Sweden). I wonder will it be unlucky for us.

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