Yet another budget!

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So the PR early budget didnt work and it seams it is time we had a new budget. The current budget has only fully been in force for two months!!! If thats not FAIL I don’t know what is.

Fine Gael are calling for massive “overhaul” – read cuts – in the public sector and they have a point that there is a lot of waste that does need to be cut out at the top not the frontline where Nurses, Teachers, and Junior Doctors (among many more!!) seam to baring the brunt of the strategies used so far (1% “Lenihan Levy” and Pension Levy) These onviously arent working and the Government need to look at this carefully to avoid an all out strike in our public services.

In the same day we are told there will be new taxes (read new budget) and that we face a €20bn deficit, Mary Hanafin, Minister for Social and Family Affairs, axes the National Carers’ Strategy. Talk about trying to bury bad news. This actually goes against the Programme for Government which promises this exact strategy. I wonder how the Greens will react to that? Probably not at all.

These figures, cuts and the talk of more tax rises do not bode well for Fianna Fail and will probably see them suffer at the polls come June. Also these deficits will see us in trouble with the EU as we are supposed to be taking actions to curtail the deficit and the opposite is happening! Some hope we have of getting out of this recession first.

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