A Campaigning Lunch

Today on my lunch break, I went Colm Burkes European Election Campaign launch on Patrick St. What a great idea that was. Really it was.

Peter and Connor

By bringing politics back on the street he got a brilliant reaction. He was interacting with people and bringing politics to them. More politics should be conducting campaigns like this.

Colm Burke

I missed the speeches and that but a friend informed me that all speakers were on top form.

Bernard Allen TD, Colm Burke MEP, Cllr Joe O'Callaghan

This is what campaigning in, European, National and Local campaigns should be doing, bringing the campaign to the people. Not sending open letters!

County Colours

Well done to Colm and his team for bringing a touch of something new to the campaign trail.

Can wait to get out on a European canvass

UPDATE: My latest Think About It post is about this event

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