Ard Fheis – Opening Ceremony

Well the opening speeches of the Fine Gael Ard Fheis are over and the first session is under way.

Senator Francis Fitzgerald gave the local welcome to the Ard Fheis and placed the blame of the current crisis’ firmly at the feet of the Government.

Following her, after some formalities, was the main speech by Enda Kenny. He started off about our candidates in the local elections. We ahem, I mean Fine Gael, have 733 candidates in the locals elections. 75 of them are under 35. The youngest being 21.

The majority of the speech was about a new 3 phase health system based on the Netherlands system of Universal Health Insurance (UHI). It is based on mandatory Private Health insurance, which is either fully or partly subsidised by the Government. There is also some other ideas such as “Money Follows the Patient” which is a way to encourage hospitals to be efficent. Its an interesting idea and I am looking forward to the full policy document been launched by Dr James Reilly tomorrow and the discussion at the health session.

I have to agree with him that the HSE needs reform and the Minister must not be allowed to hide behind it. People have been saying this for years and its about time we have been given an alternative proposal that is based on a system that works. I must say Fine Gael picked a good system in the system used in the Netherlands.

On the new logo, its growing on me. Its not exactly working on the current website, but on the stage and that it works very well in my opinon.  The signage displays very well with it. But why change nine weeks before an election?


What you think of the new logo?

Yellow Roman Candles has its view of the opening ceremony also.

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