Bye Bye Goldsoundz

As some of you know I do a bit of nightclub work taking the money at the door for Goldsoundz, well it seams my next time working there 11th April will be my last night working there and the last night of Goldsoundz. From the mailshot:

I know many of you will be very disappointed, as are we, that we have decided to stop Goldsoundz in its present format. You like us, possibly really liked the venue and the whole concept, the music, the glamour, the cocktails, the people of course and the photos of those self-same handsome devils! Liquid Lounge management were more than fair to us, they even surprised us all with delicious food on the opening night (and again a couple of weeks ago) and they too are sorry to see us leave. So we’d like to sincerely thank them for all they did for the night. Goldsoundz got off to a tremendous start, it showed huge promise and as I’ve often said before, we have photos to prove it! However for reasons Freakscenologists are already debating, that promise did not materialise.On a slightly more positive note we do have 2 dates left, Saturday 4th of April (this week) and Saturday 11th of April (Easter Saturday) which will be the last one.

For those of you new to Freaksceneland, here is how it works, first and last nights are always great! Our best regulars turn out in force, people have a few drinks, get a little emotional perhaps (or maybe that is just me!), the night finishes about 20 minutes later than the law and venue allow with something epic and stirring such as Pink Floyd’s ‘Wish You Were Here’ and the night goes down as a legend with everyone wondering (including me) why it had to end! So I really do hope to see many of you Goldsoundz fans out on the 11th, and in keeping with the ethos of the night, I promise you that we’ll go out in style!

So thanks once again to the Liquid Lounge who we wish the very best for the future!

So come along on the 11th and say hi to me!! I may be crying!

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