Controversial Amendment defered

At one point last night before the opening ceremony I came down stairs to find myself in the middle of an argument about Amendment  23. This amendment would each branch entitled to 20 delegates at convention and one extra for every five members over the 20 (i.e 25 members in a branch equals 21  votes).

This was proposed by the Parliamentry Party. A decision on this and a number of other motions have been defered to a special delegate conference later in the year.

I don’t know what to make of it, especially making it a delegate conference, but it also does raise valid issue and maybe concern about interviewing and “packed” branches which does happen.

Author: Stephen

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4 thoughts on “Controversial Amendment defered”

  1. Usually not much coverage but Labour had one a year or two back. Do we get an update of what was passed and deferred I wonder in our mail at some points? I presume the motion about contesting the 3rd level seats was passed. Not sure that the motion as worded was really a step in the right direction.

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