Election Time

Well tomorrow marks nine weeks to polling day so from next week I am out canvassing two nights a week for a candidate in Cork South Central. He is a candidate who I am getting quite a few google search hits for.

His name? Emmet O’Halloran. We had a meeting tonight with Ken White the Director of Elections for Cork City and he told what we need to do and how to deal with people on the door. Granted, I have experience in this from the General Election in 2007 and he kept referring to Jerry Buttimer (now Senator) campaign and I got all nostalgic! I can’t wait to get out on a proper canvass, where we tell the candidate what to do, not the other way round!

Whats great about the local elections is that I can walk to all the canvasses! Cork South Central goes from South Parish in the inner city out to the South Link Road! I don’t drive so its great! It also means a high likelihood of knowing the person answering the door.

Tonight really has me excited about the Local Election something I hadn’t been before as I was concentrating on the Europeans mainly due to the thinkaboutit blog, but it will be great to be out and about again!

Cork South Central look out for me! Here I come!

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Author: Stephen

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