Im going Debating

Don’t expect much blogging from me tomorrow as after work I am off to the Univerity of Limerick for the 1st Annual General Micheal Collins Debating Competition. I am on a team with the Vice-President of YFG. This means the judges are going to be really hard on us!

I got the first motion tonight. The first motion which I will be opposing and it is this:

Motion: That this house believes the anthem “Ireland`s Call” should be dropped at the opening of Irish rugby matches and  “Amhran na bhFiann” and “God Save the Queen” be played instead.

Im lucky in the fact that I do oppose the motion, not sure about my team mate, but he will have to lump it!

This will be my first debating competition. While I have debated substansive motions before at such things as YFG National Conference and USI LGBT Standing Conference, this will be my first time trying to convince judges!

Wish me luck!

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Author: Stephen

Cork born and bred, proud European and Irishman. Involved in many organisations and politics. Also writes for and UCC Express.

4 thoughts on “Im going Debating”

  1. Good luck in the debate.

    I dislike Ireland’s Call. What I dislike most is watching grown rugby players having to sing two bloody songs before a match. Do they practice this in training.

    “OK lads rucking practice finished. Bind up and we will rattle off the two songs for the next game. Come on Brian raise the voice. I know you aren’t being selected Stringer but give it welly”

    Why not a solid shake of the hands – exchange token gifts and then get stuck into each other – I mean most of the crowd are just stumbling into their seats after a half gallon of pints during the anthems anyway!

    1. I was knocked out in the first round by the eventual winners. It was a great expeirence though. Very proud of the UCC Teams, they did us well! 🙂

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