Marriage is an antiquated, failing institution based on inequality and traditional roles.

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The above title is a quote from Mark Simpsons article on Gay Marriage on Comment is Free in today’s Guardian. In his article “Gay people don’t need marriage” he argues that gay marriage “zealots” have gotten carried away and need to look at what the majority agree with. As he points out Civil Unions which giver nearly the same rights as marriage, for example Civil Partnerships in the UK, have the backing of “liberal and conservative, secular and religious, metropolitan and rural America”.

He calls it “side-stepping this endless, unsightly domestic”. And he is right. LGBT Noise can protest all day long and give the Government red cards, but whats the point if marriage is not the answer, and it certainly isnt. They are wasting their breath and causing unnecessary division within the Gay Community and those that are broadly supportive of the gay community. Its time we brought them onside and campaigned for something achievable

Its nice when you find someone who agrees with you

(Hat Tip: The Irish Left Review)

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Author: Stephen

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8 thoughts on “Marriage is an antiquated, failing institution based on inequality and traditional roles.”

  1. honesty is commendable but that does not force us to agree with Miss California. What she said was that she believed same-sex couples shouldn’t have the same rights as opposite sex couples. Just as she was entitled to express her opinion, Perez Hilton should be allowed to express his response.

    To imply that there is hypocrisy with the treatment of Obama Vs Miss California is a little unfair as there was a clear choice between two candidates. Obama represented the opportunity for more equal rights, not far enough but certainly more than anything the Republican party would support and members of his party also are in favour of gay marriage.

    It is absurd to reduce civil marriage to “convention and tradition tied up in a big red bow and covered in confetti” when in fact is bestows important legal rights on the couple, their children and even their extended families. There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of couples who have avoided the pomp and ceremony, even the religious blessing but enjoy the benefits of being married in the eyes of the law and each other. Society rather than the legal instrument that is marriage imposes inequality and traditional roles.

    Religions have mixed themselves into marriage but marriage is a civil institution and nobody is married until the marriage register is signed, in the church or in the registry office.

    If civil unions have the “the same legal rights and privileges of marriage at both the state and federal level” then what’s the difference? Just a name? I don’t care about the name but I do care that there is equality of rights.

    His opinion that gay people don’t want marriage is purely based on personal opinion as opposed surveys and biased towards the circle of friends and acquaintances that the author has.

    Finally he talks in favour of civil unions as secular institution that protects the rights of lesbians, gays and women. How can it do this any better than civil marriage – a secular institution with exactly the same rights? However most civil partnership/union acts contain an element of inequality which is the proposed case in Ireland.

    My personal opinion is that the author has equated marriage to the religious ceremony, totally ignoring civil ceremonies, divorce, second marriages etc. and somehow believes that gay couples would be better off being declared civil unions instead of (civilly) married.

  2. Lol. Surely if it has taken this long for you to find somebody to agree with you, this might, just might, indicate to you that your view is the illogical, ill thought out extremely minority view! All my friends want to get married. Not civil partnered! You remind me of the log cabin republicans.

    1. Sean, There are plenty of people who agree with me, just not that many that write for the gaurdian. If i was in America I would be part of the Log Cabin Republicans well really the new grouping would be more me GOProud. Maybe that is the view among your friends, but not all of mine.

      Polls do not give the full story, while they are useful indicators they are not facts. A vote on the matter could be totally different.

  3. Sorry. Supportive evidene:
    Public polls (by reputable companies, red C etc) have increased from 51% in 2005 to 62% recently. Asking people to support an end to a ban on a basic right that straight people take for granted does not alienate anybody. It promotes understanding and tolerance.

    1. Its an excellent post Ian, thanks for pointing it out. It makes some very interesting points on the LGBT Groups in Ireland and the overlap between them or that fact they are single issue (Marriage Equality/LGBT Noise) when there are multiple issues out there.

      The Civil Partnership bill (which should be tabled before summer recess, hopefully!) is not perfect. But that is why we have a committee stage and things need to be fixed in the bill. If it is made more like the UK Civil Partnership Act I think it will be the best on offer.

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