Monday Links – 13/04/09

Its a Bank holiday and I am here to tax your brian a bit. Have a look at these links.

Juilen Frisch explains how EU law is made and the why we don’t understand it!

Erkan Saka one of my favourite Turkish Blogs (if not my only subscribed one) has been conscripted to the Turkish Army. I’ll miss the blog, only a 159 days to his return!

Joe has the news that Roger Federer got married. He is actually one of the few Tennis stars I like.

I started a new blog: Twijects, it could be up for a re-design again! Not really happy with it,  but hope to do a few twitter projects on it and rate apps etc!

Bonn has a excellent post on For Nine Pounds about growing up in Dublin. An excellent post, that puts everything we have now in perspective.

Via Iain Dale, A Labour Politician who gets it on Smeargate: Tom Watson MP

And sticking with Smeargate, via Daily Referendum

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