Monday Links – 20/04/09

Shinjuku Station I
Image by skl8em via Flickr

Links to get ya going for the week.

If you still have questions about miCandidate check out Marks post on Irish Election.

Suzy has RTÉ’s response to picture gat complaints up on scibd

Alexia has a video up from the flashmob and Alan has a post about

Joe has the odds for Federar breaking his racket again

Julien thinks that EU blogging Geeks are having “zero impact”. I think he is right

The European Citizen takes my NI Think post and runs with it!

Andrei compares Julien to Jon Stewart on Th!nk, but the post has some interesting thoughts which I can’t helo agreeing with cause they are true.

Where you here before Oprah?

Have a good week!

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