Monday Links – 27/4/09

Putrajaya Mosque on Water
Image by jrbxom via Flickr

The European Citizen wonders do we need a revolutionary European Parliament?

Julien Frisch has some posters for the European Elections from the German SPD, as well as a few mock ups!

Lily Collison goes .com. Best of luck!

Slugger has news of a poll that 66% are in favour of a National Government.

An Spailpín Fánach have an excellent post on why we shouldn’t be fawning at John McGuiness

I have set up two Twitter Twibes. Fine Gael and EPP – Join em! 🙂

Alan was on telly! He even made the 9 o’Clock news! Well done lad!

Become a fan of the European Parliament on facebook?

Watch the spread of Swine Flu on Google Maps

GayPatriot have a tribute post to Bea Arthur. She will be missed.

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