New Blogs- Easter Sunday Special

I havent done one of these in awhile so what better way to bring in back then on Easter Sunday. Since i moved the blog, my blog roll has grown immensely and here are some of the brilliant new blogs added to that list.

TheWonderFullWorldof Joe

I’ve linked to Joe’s blog a few times since he started blogging and he is a new blogger. He seams to like tennis, but there are a few non-tennis posts in there too. Hes a good friend of mine so I am hoping he enjoys the blogging

Irish Opinions Blog

This is a new group blog from an old college friend of mine. Its a politics blog, and he seams to have a few things on that I missed, like the abolition of the Forum of Europe


Subrosa is a Scottish blog, with a good interest in politics. I dont subscribe to many scottish blogs so maybe, I might find a few through this. Its an excellent blog and has some interesting things on it that I didnt know such as JK Rowling stepping down as Patron of the MS Society Scotland due to disagreements with the English Office

Improve Ireland

I like the idea of this blog. It sets out ideas in a few sectors on how we can improve Ireland. There are some good ideas in there and I hope they continue the blog and things havent been updated there in awhile!

Happy Easter all!

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