The Morning Sessions

We started this morning we two motion based sessions on Health and the Economy. There was no new substantive addition to the heakth policy as announced by Enda Kenny last night. The only addition was the idea of a National Body Test (NBT), which would be “an age appropriate annual check up to pick up illnesses early.” which is an interesting idea.

Dr. James Reilly TD’s speech was very good and had some hard hitting words aimed at the HSE. It ticked a lot of boxes with those in the room and be ended up getting a standing ovation. (Was that just for the telly though?)

We are currently on the Economy session which is providing quite a few number of quotes for those watching on twitter (#fgaf is trending on twitter!)

Dont forget to watch the liveblog! and is the streaming working on the Fine Gael website?

Enjoy the telly coverage

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