Th!nk09: People don’t know what MEP’s do

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On Monday after the Fine Gael Ard Fheis, UCC Young Fine Gael had a walk about in Cork City for Sean Kelly, a Fine Gael candidate in Ireland South. One member of the public asked to meet Sean Kelly, he was introduced. What was his question? Go on take a guess.

Can you get me a house?

Yes, in typical Irish fashion, his question was on the housing lists which plague this country. This is something so sitting or prospective MEP can do anything about as it has nothing to do with them. Sean Kelly tried to explain this in vain, but I think he failed.

This shows yet again the EU, national parties and the European Parliament has failed to let ordinary people know what it is responsible for. Time and time again during the Lisbon Treaty referendum debate I spent my time explaining what the European Parliament does and doesnt do, on my blog, in chat rooms and on the canvass. Some times i get through and sometimes I don’t. But as soon someone said at the weekend “If you have to explain, you’ve lost” (or something to that effect)

There needs to be a more co-ordinated effort to get the basic information about the EP across, otherwise European isssues will never be a factor in European Elections, and that is Europe’s failure.

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