Wednesday Links 1/04/09

So far I have managed to avoid all April Fools Day pranks today (on and offline!) and Joe has a post about past ones and Googles one this year.

The ELDR informed me (a journalist don’t you know ūüėČ ) that they have launched their electoral website, From the PR:

A new exclusive tool for promoting our liberal candidates for the EP elections; our political contents through the four liberal campaign themes – economy, civil liberties, environment and foreign affairs.

A service for whoever wants to know more about European liberal activities.

ELDR provided candidates with a spectrum of tools (our so-called “toolkit”) to download and a section on exchange campaigning ideas.

Okay so I avoided till I red this post by Gamma Goblin and nearly sent a tweet to congratulate Victo Barry! *shakes fist at Gamma!*

Thinking of going to see this crowd tonight with the afore mentioned Joe

Via Mulley, a greatwebiste and one I have passed on to my boss.

Darragh has a fantastic Video of Cown and the whole nude thing!

Via Joe who rocks (3rd mention I know!)

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