Which Party Should You Vote For?

A new website launched recently to show people which national party you should vote for. Its called EU Profiler. I had a go off it.

It presents to you 30 statements and say whether you agree or disagree. Then you rate their importance and then say who you would be willing to vote for. The results are close enough. I come out right wing and pro-Europe which fits the me perfectly I think!

Its recommendations for me are:

  1. Fine Gael: 53.9%
  2. Labour: 50.9%
  3. Fianna Fail: 50%
  4. Greens: 37%
  5. Socialist: 30.9%
  6. Sinn Fein: 23.1%
  7. Libertas: 20.3%

Just for fun you can see the top ten parties you mach with across Europe. My top ten are:

  1. Venstre, Liberal Party of Denmark (ELDR): 81.7%
  2. Liberal People’s Party of Sweden  (ELDR): 81.5%
  3. Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania: 81.3%
  4. Centrolew (Centre-left) of Poland: 78.6%
  5. Green Party of Czech Republic (European Green Party): 77.7%
  6. Slovak Democratic and Christian Union – Democratic Party (EPP): 77.1%
  7. SNK European Democrats of Czech Republic (EPP-ED): 76%
  8. Centre Party of Sweden (ELDR): 76%
  9. Croatian Democratic Union (EPP): 75.8%
  10. Christian and Democratic Union – Czechoslovak People’s Party of Czech Republic (EPP): 75.4%

A strange mix but interesting none the less.

I think it is fairly accurate and its interesting to see what party you are most aligned with in other countrues. Well it is for politics nerds like me!

Does EU Profiler get it right for you?

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Author: Stephen

Cork born and bred, proud European and Irishman. Involved in many organisations and politics. Also writes for SpirtualityIreland.org and UCC Express.

4 thoughts on “Which Party Should You Vote For?”

  1. Looks like you’ve definitely joined the right party then! I was surprised that there wasn’t a “Integrationist” point on the party statistic web thingys.

    I’ve posted my percentages here: http://tinyurl.com/c82qob

    I think that it’s pretty much got me right (though I’ll need to check up on some of the continental parties).

    1. I thought one of the axis was integration and the other was socio-economic?? Read yours and was probably commenting at the same time! LOL!

      What surprised me is that the 2 other european parties I would have associated myself with the Conservatives and the CDU. Both were 3rd for there respective countries!

  2. There is for the first graph, but there are web-like diagrams which don’t include it.

    Ah! I’m getting obsessed with graphs now!

    It says I’m closer to the CSU than the CDU (42% to 33%) which really surprises me since I’ve always thought of the CSU as more conservative and the CDU as more centerist…

    Still for the big EU-3 the LibDem, Socialists and the SPD top their respective country lists for me, so there haven’t been many surprises for me (though I’m a bit iffy on the French Socialists).

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