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St Finbarre's Cathedral, Cork, Ireland
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Last night I attended Evensong in St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral in Cork for a special IDAHO service. It was a beatiful service with an excellent choir. The Dean The Very Revd Nigel Dunne made everyone welcome and during the service we were all invited up to place a stone at the foot of the cross. That to me was very touching.

During the prayers a list of those killed because of their sexuality was read out and remembered (see end of post). The address given by Doleres Mannion was amazing and she shed light on how it is possible to be Gay or Lesbian and a Christian.

After the service we were all given tea and biscuits and got to talk with the Dean of Cork The Very Revd Nigel Dunne and the Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross Right Reverend William Paul Colton, as well as other members of the Congregation. They were very nice people and very engaging.

Last night was always my first time in St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral (you never see whats on your doorstep) and I know there is an Anglican tradition in my family so I must visit it again some day.

A huge thanks must also go to Changing Attitudes Ireland for organising this event as well as to those involved with St Fin Barre’s Cathedral for facilitating it and taking part.

Those who were known to be killed in Ireland due to their sexuality:

  • Anthony McCleave (1979)
  • Charles Self (1982)
  • Declan Flynn (1982)
  • Harry McClarnon (1983)
  • David Templeton (1997)
  • Darren Bradshaw (1997)
  • Ian Flanagan (2002)
  • Warren (Aaron) MacAuley (2002)
  • Shaun Fitzpatrick (2008)

Remember prejudice is wrong and hurtful and can kill. All prejudice should be fought against. That is why we have IDAHO and other such days.

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