[Eurovision 2009] Semi Final 1 – Results

So I got 7 out the qualifiers from tonights Eurovision Semi-Final right! I think that equals one of the scores that I got last year.

So who got through?

  • Finland (Predicted)
  • Sweden (Predicted)
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Turkey (Predicted)
  • Israel (Predicted)
  • Iceland
  • Armenia
  • Romania (Predicted)
  • Portugal (Predicted)
  • Malta (Predicted)

Belgium, Andorra and Bulgaria all let me down. I missed the start of the show only getting home in time for Israel the 10th entry. It was a good show and the interval act was brilliant. Its all over now until Thursday night, when we all be cheering for Sinead Mulvely. And I wonder how many will I get right?

PS the 2nd Semi will be liveblogged on Liveblog.ie the twitter tag is #evie

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Author: Stephen

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4 thoughts on “[Eurovision 2009] Semi Final 1 – Results”

  1. Oops! For some reason I assumed your feed would follow you to your new blog, so I’ve missed everything since the move. It was only the lack of Eurovision posts in my feedreader that made me realise I hadn’t read anything from you in ages.

    Anyway, don’t know why you didn’t predict Iceland to get through, it was fabtastic! Some terrible woeful tripe there though. Hopefully the Irish squad will come out in thongs on Thursday and guarantee us a place in the final!

    1. You didnt pay much attention gamma, I pointed to my new feed in my last post on the old blog! 😛

      LOL re:Ireland. I didnt have Iceland down as I thought Malta and Portugal would take the ballad votes.

  2. You’re right you did, and the weird thing is I remember reading it too. I guess I must have gotten mixed up with my own feed settings, which I have set to follow me where ever the blog goes. Plus you’re not featured on Cork Blogs anymore either, which is a balls. Oh well I’m here now anyway 🙂

    1. Yea, Cork Blogs is kind of defunct though as nothing new can be added to it. Didnt get many hits from it in the first place. But welcome to my new home! 🙂

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