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Eurovision Song Contest 2009
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So tonight see the final of the 54th Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow. 25 countries will be competing for the glory and the right to host the contest next year. So who is in the Final? (In running order)

  1. Lithuania – Sasha Son with “Love
  2. Israel – Noa & Mira Award with “There Must be Another Way
  3. France – Patricia Kaas with “Et S’il Fallait Le Faire
  4. Sweden – Malena Ernman with “La Voix
  5. Croatia – Igor Cukrov feat. Andrea with “Lijepa Tena
  6. Portugal – Flor-de-Lis with “Todas As Ruas Do Amor
  7. Iceland – Yohanna with “Is it True
  8. Greece – Sakis Rouvas with “This is Our Night
  9. Armenia – Inga & Anush with “Jan Jan
  10. Russia – Anastasia Prikhodko with “Mamo
  11. Azerbaijan – AySel & Arash with “Always
  12. Bosnia & Herzegovina – Regina with “Bistra Voda
  13. Moldova – Nelly Ciobanu with “Hora Din Moldova
  14. Malta – Chiara with “What if We
  15. Estonia – Urban Symphony with “Rändajad
  16. Denmark – Brinck with “Believe Again”
  17. Germany – Alex Swings Oscar Sings with “Miss Kiss Kiss Bang
  18. Turkey – Hadise with Düm Tek Tek
  19. AlbaniaKejsi Tola with “Carry Me In Your Dreams
  20. Norway – Alexander Rybak with “Fairytale
  21. Ukraine – Svetlana Loboda with “Be My Valentine (Anti-Crisi Girl)
  22. Romania – Elena with “The Balkan Girls
  23. United Kingdom – Jade Ewan with “Its My Time
  24. Finland – Waldo’s People with “Loose Control
  25. Spain – Soraya with “La Noche Es Para Mí (The Night Is For Me)

I am not going to predict anything tonight as the Final is near impossible to predict, but I will give my top 5. In no particular order:


Alexander Rybak is favourite to win, but I think its all hype. They will do well, but will it be enough to bring it to Oslo?


Germany have a fantastic entry this year with Alex Swings Oscar Sings. They also have Dita Von Teese dancing with them, so it will be a great perfromance.


Portugal’s Flor-De-Lis did fantastic on Tuesday night and could do really well. Portugal has been in the Eurovision since 1974 and has never won it so its about time I think!


Svetlana gave a great performance on Thursday and its a good song. Could do well.


Will Chiara make it third time lucky for Malta? Its a nice song could do and got a good reaction.

Sean has also listed who to watch on his blog.

Who do ye think could do it?

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9 thoughts on “[Eurovision 2009] The Final”

  1. Hmmm… I don’t seem to have a favorite song this year, well one I’d listen to outside of the Eurovision anyway, its a pity. I think there’s a few good ones that should do well but nothing that takes my fancy. Like I mentioned before, I like the Icelandic song (and singer heehee 🙂 but its not something I’d listen to.

    German song reminds me too much of that Sam Sparro tune “Black and Gold”. Norway tune is infectious in nature. Funniest song goes to Romania. Those little Balkan thrills in between the choruses crack me up lol Borat has almost ruined Balkan music for me forever :p

    I’ll save the rest of my comments for my live blogging of the event later.

  2. I called it! I figured Norway would win, Iceland was going to my personal winner, Azerbaijan had the sexiest bitch, and the Uk might win if amazing shit happened. They were the top 4. I can safely say, I am the Eurovision king!

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