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Im just looking at the results of the Eurovision Voting. Ireland came 11th in the  televote vote just missing out. Well done Girls!

We got 52 votes in total including 10 points from Spain! Croatia who came 13th in our semi were the ones saved by the Jury.

The Irish vote in the Semi was dominated by our new migrants. 12 points went to Lithuania, 10 Points went to Poland and only 8 Points to Norway in the Semi.

In the first Semi, Finland were saved by the jury, which I think is surprising. Iceland won this semi with 174 points just beating Turkey by 2 points!

Norway of course qualified easily in our Semi with 201 points who went on to win the Final with a record breaking 387 points. They receieved 12 points from 15 countries and they recieved points from every participating country. The lowest being 2 points from Turkey.

I think you could see the Jurys having an influence in how the voting went and I hope they retain this system.

So who’s going to Norway?

PS: the full results are on the Eurovision Website

(Oh and this is probably my last Eurovision Song Contest post, next up will be the Eurovision Dance Contest in Spetember!)

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