Friday Links – 1/05/09

"There is no wind today"
Image by Hans Vink via Flickr have Real Life Twitter

Maman Poulet commits Blasphemous Libel

Tommy talks about normal and disability, he aso has launched Youth Discussion

Mark looks at MiCandidate one week on

Ivan Yates predicts the European Elections for the Irish Examiner, my predictions are here

Irelands Eurovision entry gets a contract with Sony, well done Sinead!

Anglofritz tells us you can use your euro in Bournemouth and Poole.

Sinn Fein need proof readers

Lunchtimers – Addictive and annoying all at once

Conor Lenihan knows how to deal with Journalists and knows about technology he claims to to Adrian Wreckler

Random Eurovision Entry:

Greece – Sakis Rouvis with “This is Our Night”

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