“Lisbon treaty now in Irish hands.”

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The above is according to Elmar Brok MEP (CDU/EPP). This because today the Czech Senate today approved the Treaty of Lisbon, leaving Ireland as the only EU member state not to have passed it.

From the press release:

“Now the Lisbon  treaty lies in the hands of Ireland  , because there is no alternative to the Lisbon treaty. The people in Ireland have made it clear that they want the European Union to be more democratic, transparent and efficient. This can only be achieved with the Lisbon treaty” Brok said.

The EU summit in June has to set the conditions for a new referendum in Ireland  . “The Irish government should submit a timetable for the ratification of the Lisbon  treaty in the entire European Union, in order to make Europe fit for the future”, he emphasised.

That said summit in June will be interesting as it will be chaired by Václav Klaus, the Lisbon-hating President of the Czech Republic.

Brok continues

“Many concerns of Irish citizens regarding the Lisbon  treaty are unfounded and can be met by declarations of the European Council, which will later become legally binding. The Lisbon  treaty makes the EU more democratic, because it strengthens the European Parliament and the national parliaments. Decision-making will become more efficient under Lisbon, for example by the expansion of majority decisions in the Council. Overall, the work of the European Union becomes more democratic, more efficient, and more transparent”.

Of course we still have to see these declarations and see will they actually mean some of the valid concerns that people have. Of course there won’t be a referendum on the Treaty until October which means hopefully the Government will be a bit more prepared for it.

If you are wondering the vote in the Czech Senate was 54 in favour to 20 against with 5 abstensions.
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20 thoughts on ““Lisbon treaty now in Irish hands.””

  1. I reckon a lot of the reason that the treaty wasn’t passed was because of the amount of bad information floating around. The people who told me they voted ‘no’ were motivated either by bullshit (“I don’t want to get conscripted to the EU army”) or were unable to cut through the chaff to discern what was fact, and thought that voting to not change things was the way to go forward on uncertain data.

  2. You right Sully! But still things need to be changed for a revote otherwise it sets a dangerous precedence.

    Hopefully the “bullshit” can be dispelled this time round.

  3. did you two even read the lisbon treaty? or maybe you just listen to the news and believe everything your told ^^

    quote from above”Decision-making will become more efficient under Lisbon, for example by the expansion of majority decisions in the Council.”

    do you realise what this actually means for ireland?
    it means that when they decide to pass a law that the countries with higher populations have a certain amount of weight in the decision so for example germany france and another high pop country could actually pass any legislation they wanted because of the weighted decision.

    so if something doesnt suit the small countries its tough luck.
    i myself prefer equal rights and some of the laws that they want to pass null our constitution.
    also tony blair will most likely be president for 5 yrs of the new eu under this “constitution” and i for one do not want to be under that dictators thumb.

    1. Anon, I actually did read the treaty. Weighting has more to do then with just population. You also have to have a certain number of countries. Their is blocking minorites etc. I did actually read the treaty so please get your facts right.

  4. i know there are ways of blocking but it still puts the power more in the hands of the larger states dont u agree?
    in reality whatever the eu constituion is will be over our irish one.so when and they will change it in the future to suit the large banks and corps we in ireland will have that much less power to stop them.

    take a look at the united states right now. that is the old model that the central banks etc have been running for decades. they are now trying to do the same to europe via this treaty.granted its a small stepping stone to get to where the states are but a stepping stone nonetheless. at the moment the banks are workign on eliminating the us dollar to implement the amero. then link europe with the north american alliance(canida/usa/mexico)

    would you rather a minority ruling the world or a majority?because i can see right now its the minority that rules the states.

    1. anon, as you wont use your real name. Anything before the council has to be approved by the European Parliament. This is why the elections are soo important.

      You might not realise it, but Ireland is one of the best Member States at getting Majorities and Blocking Minorities together. Irish diplomats are praised for there abilitys.

      The European Treaties are already above the Irish Constition. These treaties change nothing in that regard.

      Again actually look into things before you use arguments.

  5. yes that is worrying indeed that already we are under the eu rules regarding some things.
    my main concern is that after passing the lisbon treaty the irish people will have less of a choice how the eu is run compared to the bigger countries. i will copy paste a report on lisbon i found which sums it up nicely.
    ” Redistribution of voting weights between member states

    Within those areas to be decided by qualified majority voting, the current rules require the support of a little over 72% of member states for a law to be passed. Under the new system due to come into effect from 2014, a vote can be passed if it is backed by 55% of member states, and secondly, if these countries represent 65% of the EU’s population. It can also be passed if less than four countries oppose it. The changes mean

    that it will be easier to pass legislation, and more difficult to block it. Countries with smaller populations will have less chance of blocking legislation. ”

    what is wrong with even an 80% majority to pass any major laws?because with 55% it takes very few of the big countries to make a majority vote.
    if u have a link to article 205A i would greatly appreciate it.i am still searchign for it now.

    1. Considering you dont give a link to where you found that I dont see how it can be a reliable source. Dont have a direct link to said Article.

  6. taken from the treaty itself.

    A blocking minority must include at least the minimum number of Council
    members(edit: 4) representing more than 35 %(edit: 175million) of the population of the participating
    Member States, plus one member, failing which the qualified majority shall be
    deemed attained;

    just edited in brackets the nubers required to block from combined states.
    this makes it very hard for the smaller countries to block decisions of the bigger countries if those benefit a larger economy for example.
    if i am wrong on this please let me know.and why. because this is extremely important for the future of our county.

    1. That is only in certain areas. Most decisions wont be made under Qualfied Majority. Very few are as it is. The European Council prefer to make decisions unanimously.

  7. i understand that some decisions are weighted. and some are not. but as we can see from the united states of america it is quite easy to pass congress and install acts that negate the constitution in favour of corperations/banks/warmongers.
    why not make all decisions unanamous? i can see alot of room for corruption in this im sorry.
    but in saying this. i think ireland is held hostage to the eu and america anyway because our economy relies on those two entities.and i strongly believe these two entities are controlled by a small majority who own most of the money/resources on this planet 🙁

    1. EU is nothing like USA. It dosent have that much power. If we were to make all decisions unanamous nothing would get done, esp as EU expands. Qualfied majority gives a strong negotiation hand to the states who want changes made.

      If you dont want to be in a country dominated by US and EU. Your in the wrong place. Rejecting Lisbon won’t change that.

  8. can u please link me to the actual treaty section 205 please so i can see it?
    as i beleive this “report” is the treaty and is not changed from the one thye are trying to force ireland to pass

  9. well your entitled to your opinion as i am mine.
    but if those links to the treaty i posted are actually the treaty itself then dont you think i am right in saying that it is very difficult for the smaller states to block the larger ones?

    if it is not the treaty and a false doc id really would like to see the real one.i am not a scolar or intelect by any means but judging by the way the eu is running it looks alot like the united states.

    as i said i dont know as much as you about the eu and its runnings. but can you tell me is there a body that represents all states like in the usa they have a congress?

    if so then the usa is a prime example that a body that represents all states can easily be subverted and corrupted. i dont believe the eu is going to be much different or is at the moment.

  10. apologies i cannot edit previous posts. he didnt not mention the weighted voting
    that was another video i saw. however the links i posted previously show what i am talking about.

  11. ye i can agree with you there my friend. we both have differing opinions lol
    i will leave it at that because we can do this all day long to noavail.

    i just wanted the irish public to actually see both sides of this important issue and do as i am and look it up for themselves.there are two conflicting sides and either one could be right or anywhere inbetween.

    please everyone read the actual treaty itself and do not take my or anyone elses advice on what is the truth.

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