McKenna explains why I wont Vote Green

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Cedar Lounge Revolution have the Hot Press interview with Patricia McKenna, and it makes really interesting reading. A few of her answers sum up why I won’t vote Green ever again.

I don’t want to put words into your mouth, but you are effectively saying that the Greens in the Dail are nothing but hypocrites?
Definitely. They are political opportunists. It’s political opportunism where you jump on the bandwagon of a campaign and support it and you promise the people that you are going to pursue their issue. And then as soon as you get into power, you say, ‘Please go away! We can’t do anything for you’…Look at public transport, which was always top of the Green agenda. If someone had told me a few years ago that the Green Party would be in Government and that Dublin Bus would be protesting outside our offices because of cuts to their service I would have said, ‘Yeah, dream on, not a chance’.

And she has hit the nail on the head. Before to me the Greens had their principals and stuck to it and for the most part seemed to act to in their principals. Since they came into power they have bent over backwards to support Fianna Fail. They had no backbone to question Bertie over his finances, they have supported every wrong move by this Government and when they make an announcement its ignored by the Government. Who are they fooling? Certaiinly not me.

Do read the full post over on Cedar Lounge, it makes interesting reading.

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