Micheal Woods – “In the Name of God, Go”

Its not often I find the phrase from Cromwell’s speech to the Rump Parliament in 1653 coming to mind, but after watching clips of Micheal Woods TD, the former Minister for Education, from back in September 2003 on Prime Time its the only thing that is in my mind. At the end of the interview he blames the people of Ireland for what happened and not the religous orders.

See Gavin’s Blog for the full clips from that Prime Time

We must be careful not to make Micheal Woods a political scapegoat, but a lot of the blame associated to the indemity deal lies with him. Time has shown he was wrong and even the Comptroller and Auditor General was a bit low with his estimates. He blundered, something typical of the Fianna Fáil led Governments. He must now take the consequenses and resign. It is high time to end his sitting in that place!

Micheal Woods “In the Name of God, Go”!

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