Monday Links – 11/05/09

Not something you see every day!
Image by Today is a good day via Flickr

Its the Conservatives turn in the latest revelations from the Telegraph

Mark Mardell is off to North America after the European Elections – A loss to the BBC’s EU reporting… But best of luck!

Via Slugger

Could the Euro Elections be the end of Brown? Ethan Smallman on Th!ink about it thinks so.

Public Inquiry looks at families in the Oireachtas

Julien Frisch is going to Latvia for Election Day.

Merkel takes a swipe at the UK Conservatives

Simon on Irish Election is looking at who could loose out with FF being so low in the polls. Part 1, Part 2 – a site to watch?

Bock has pictures and a post about the march in Limerick yesterday

Maman Poulet found a politican up a pole!

I love this ad:

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