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While reading blogs and surfing links I came across I may have linked in before. I think its a bit cumbersome but it will do until launches next week.  I found out about that from Jan’s EUblog. While flitting around it, I came across some stats. And one very interesting one.

The Dutch MEP Paul van Buitenen has a voting record that consists of abstaining on 98% of votes! Yes you read that right! He abstained in 98% of votes. He has voted 1% yes and 1% no. Check out his full voting record. Mr van Buitenen is a member of the Greens-EFA grouping of the Parliament and is standing for re-election as part of the Dutch ChristianUnion which is part of the Ind/Dem group in the Parliament. Im told on twitter he has announced his retirement from the Parliament. Not that he did a lot there in first place!

Just in comparison the second highest abstention vote is 60% which belongs to Greek MEP Diamanto Manolakou of the EUL/NGL Grouping. The third highest is 45% and belongs to Jim Allister MEP.

Will he be re-elected with a record like that? I hope not.

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9 thoughts on “Thats some voting record”

  1. Absolutely! Some random thoughts:

    – some redesign to make it less crowded
    – some more functionality, incl an API to access the data
    – extend the Agora section for participation, the idea is to build a platform for participative democracy
    – more data from the past

    Any ideas? 🙂

  2. Redesign sounds good! Its a tad confusing at present!
    API access always good!
    Participation also a good idea and more data, cant go wrong.

    Redesign is my major thing I’d say.

    Can’t think of anything right now! Thanks for looking for ideas! 🙂

  3. He had announced his intentions of voting this way in advance of the elections. I voted for him in 2004. He was one of the few MEPs that I found trustworthy and that seemed to want to fix what’s wrong with the EU.
    He wanted to be in the EP soley to be able to research and expose fraud and corruption in the EU’s highest levels and therefore remained politicaly neutral.
    It’s a pity that he isn’t electable this year, but I can imagine his frustration at his battle.

    Didn’t it occur to you that when someone abstains in 98% of voting, he might have a reason for that?

    1. Cyrion,

      No i didnt think that considering I wouldnt be surprised who didnt get elected with that pledge abstained so much. There is a reason the committee votes are still a secret and I think you would find many MEPs with a similar record.

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