The Greens want more the our Fair Share

While watching the Green Party Election Broadcast on there was one line that jumped out at me.

“We should get more the our fair share of these Green Jobs”

(not sure if its an exact quote, so open to correction)

Why should Ireland get more then its fair share? Why can’t we be happy with our fair share?

These days the European Union is a Union of 27 states. That means any funds, programmes, and whatever has to be shared between them all.

The fact too that the Greens are only running 2 MEP candidates in Ireland means even if they both get elected, they won’t be a big group within the European Green Party let alone the European Parliament. So who do they think their fooling?

Also during the broadcast they say we don’t have the money ourseleves. Who’s fault is that? The Government. And who is part of that Government? You guessed it, The Green Party! So we have no money is the Greens stance. Well thanks for letting us all know.

Heres the broadcast for you all to enjoy:

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Author: Stephen

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