[Think 09] Could the Elections finish Cowen?

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Ethan’s post about the fact that the European Election could be another nail in the coffin for Gordon Brown, got me thinking could it be the same in Ireland to the Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Brian Cowen . In fact an article in on the Irish Independent’s website wonders the same thing.

In the last election in 2004 Fianna Fail lost two MEP’s and 80 Councillors, this time out they could loose two MEPs a similar amount of councillors PLUS a seat in Dáil Eireann (Lower house of Parliament). Also up for grabs is  another seat in the Dáil formerly held by an Independent. June 5th is being dupped a “Super Friday” here in Ireland due to the Local, European and Bye-Elections all being held at the same time and could become a “Super Headache” for Brian Cowen.

The latest poll by Predict 09 for Ireland forecast that Fianna Fail will loose two of its MEP’s. The gainers from this will be Labour and Sinn Fein which will retain a seat due to Fianna Fail loosing it. (NOTE: Ireland is going from 13 seats to 12)

Since the last election of course things have gone badly wrong and this is Cowen’s first electoral test since becoming Taoiseach last year. Loosing seats is not something he wants to happen, but I think most in Fianna Fail are resigned to it.

Some of the Fianna Fail MEP’s have no mention of Fianna Fail on their campaign cars. Brian Crowley, MEP for Ireland South, is one such MEP. His Mercedes has no mention of Fianna Fail and you have to look very closely at his posters to see a mention of Fianna Fail. Does he see the writing on the wall?

June 6th and 7th will give lots of interesting results!

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