Tomorrows Opinion Poll in Full

So further on from my last post here are the full topline figures of the Irish Times TNS/MRBI poll:

  • Fine Gael 36% – 2%
  • Labour 23% +3%
  • Fainna Fáil 20% -1%
  • Sinn Fein 8% -1%
  • Green Party 3% =
  • Independents 10% +1%

So Fianna Fail are definately dropping while the Greens have halted their slide, for now. Sinn Fein are down one point, which could hurt Mary Lou’s chances. We have to wait till Satuday for the Euro-Poll.

It looks like the big gainers in this look like Labour. In the 2004 Locals they polled 11.4% of the 1st preference vote. The could easily double it this time round. Independents will gain in some places but nothing major I would say. They will poll higher then 10% though.

Will Fianna Fail poll over 10% lower then 04? I dont know, but if they do Cowen will have a lot of soul searching to do.

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