Cringe!! Th!nk Interview

So yea, I got sent the link of my th!nk interview! (Thanks Mantas!) So raather then let you people find it, here it is! The questions I am answering are:

1) what you think about the EP election results in your home country and 2) what have you learned from the project.


I never realised I sounded so Irish!! Really in my head I dont sound so Irish…

Tips for future interviews greatly received!

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Author: Stephen

Cork born and bred, proud European and Irishman. Involved in many organisations and politics. Also writes for and UCC Express.

2 thoughts on “Cringe!! Th!nk Interview”

  1. You’re such a Fine Gael’er! OMG you’re so like George Lee! I gotta be honest, having seen your Flickr pics before, and with the whole “German” thing you’ve got going on, I was kinda disappointed when you didn’t act like this [youtube]. I always thought your hair was lighter in colour, hence my message about your hair on Twitter.

    You came a little nervous, but competent nonetheless 🙂

    1. Thanks gamma!! My hair was lighter before because it was dyed previously wand when the dye washes outr it goes really light! hence the flickr pics! 🙂

      I am always nervous, especially in front of a camera!

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