ECRG Down to the Minimum – Already?

It looks like the European Conservatives and Reformists Group is in a bit of bother today due to decision of Finnish MEP Hannu Takkula to remain in the ALDE grouping according to NewsRoom Finland. Jon Worth thinks “some people in the party [Finnish Centre Party] must have applied pressure” on him to remain in the ALDE.

This leaves the ECRG at the bare minimum of representation with MEPs from 7 member states. On Monday there were talks of other MEPs joining. Currently there is talk that Lithuanian MEP Waldemar Tomaszewski of Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania is joining the ECRG so they could be back up to 8 member states quite quickly.

They do need a buffer to allow for MEPs to leave so that they could survive as a grouping. I don’t think they thought they would need the buffer so early.

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