Greens – Down But Not Out

The Green Party sufffered what is been known as a “wipeout” in the elections at the weekend. They were reduced from 18 seats in the 2004 to three seats. What it has shown for the Greens is that they now know their core vote. Which is 2.3% which is down 1.6% from 2004. This shows that a good portion of their vote is a core vote, but they lost their protest vote which went to People Before Profit and other parties of the left.

The Greens can recover from this in my mind. They now know the base they can work from that. They also have the Government more dependent on them then ever for votes in the Dáil and may be able to achieve some concrete results that will raise their profile and maybe their vote.

People seem to be writing off the Greens but I believe having talked to Green activists, candidates and ordinary voters I think while the Greens will lose one or two seats, they will hang on to the election after and will get back to where they were.

Don’t write the Greens off they are a committed lot.

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Author: Stephen

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