Lisbon Treaty: German Court Suspends Ratification

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The German Constitutional Court has ruled that the Lisbon Treaty is compatible with the German Constition (or Basic Law). But the Court has still suspended ratification until domestic law in relation to the EU is beefed up.

The Court stated according to The Local:

“The ratification document of the Federal Republic of Germany may not be adopted until the sufficient legal groundwork for parliamentary participation as foreseen in the constitution has been laid,”

“If one wanted to summarise this result, one could say: the constitution says ‘yes’ to the Lisbon Treaty but demands that parliament’s right to participation be strengthened at the national level,”

“The court is confident that the last barrier for adopting the ratification document will be cleared.”

I personally don’t think this is bad idea. Under the Lisbon Treaty National Parliaments are given more power. As it is  in a lot of member states there is complaints that EU legislation is not been given enough scrutiny.So I think beefing up national legislation and procedures in relation to the EU is something that every member state should do.

According to Der Spiegel:

The German parliament is to gather for a special sitting on August 26 for a first reading of the new law, a spokesperson for the Social Democrats parliamentary party announced on Tuesday. The vote would then take place on Sept. 8, weeks before Germany’s national election.

With this to be cleared it loos increasingly likely that the Lisbon Treaty will come into force in 2010, of depending on Referendum results in Ireland and Court rulings in the Czech Republic.

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