The end of the Ind/Dem Grouping?

The Independence/Democracy grouping had a rough campiagn and lost a few MEPs including their co-leader. But will they exist as a political grouping in the next Parliament?

To form a grouping in the European Parliament you need a minimum of 25 MEPs from at least seven member states. After last elections the Ind/Dem were left with 18 MEPs from four member states.

They are:

  • UK: 13 UKIP MEPs
  • Greece: 2 Popular Orthodox Rally MEPs
  • Netherlands: 2 Christian Union MEPs
  • France: 1 Movement for France MEP

So if Ind/Dem is to continue it needs to get seven more MEPs from three member states. There are 93 MEPs in the NI grouping at the moment, some of these will go to the new Conservative Grouping and Ind/Dem might be able to get more to join from them to survive into the next Parliament.

The BNP will be looking to the NI MEPs to make a far right grouping in the Parliament. It looks set to be along the lines of the failed Identity, Tradition, Sovereignty grouping.

Its going to be a interesting parliamentry term.

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