The Last Day

So today is the last day of the campaign. I have been mad on the campaign trail for the last few days actually going out canvassing during the day. Yesterday I went to Fermoy, Mitchelstown and Charleville with Colm Burke MEP (FG), alwell as canvassing in the evening. Today I was in Ballyvolane and Blackpool in Cork City as well as the City Centre canvassing for Colm.

What a reaction we got. It was fantastic. He was well recieved and lots of people are voting for him (or so we are told). Im not sure of the weather is having an impact but the mood on the campiagn trail is great. We all had great fun on the bus between locations, even though we are dying in the heat.

Tomorrow though is when it pays off, will the weather influence turnout? If its too hot will people bother voting?

Who knows. Hopefully hard work will pay off and people will turn out to vote tomorrow and send the message they want.

I am doing my last canvass tonight and also my first leaflet drop of the campaign (don’t know how I got this far without doing one!), but doing a drop late tonight to try and get a final message out.

Im going to be so bored next week!

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