ALF Training: Culture, Identity and Dialogue

Bloggers discussing during the training. Picture by Carmel Vaisman of
Bloggers discussing during the training. Picture by Carmel Vaisman of

I arrived back in Cork today after spending Monday to Wednesday at the Anna Lindh Foundation Blogger Training for Intercultural Dialogue in Luxembourg. It was a fantastic event with 18 bloggers from 17 countries from across the Euromed region, It was an amazing experience.

Not only did I learn about places I didnt know much about (Magreb and Middle East) but I also learned alot about myself and how I and others perceive me. It really opened my mind on issues about identity and culture and how I perceive other cultures. The course which was packed into two days was so interesting, exciting and tiring. It has inspired me a lot and we have plans to keep working on this issue. For me this will be both online and offline as I try to pass on the knolwedge and ideas I have gained to some of the groups I work with.

A website that the Anna Lindh Foundation is working with was also in attendence and it is a great tool for bringing together the Arabic and English speaking worlds. is a great site for translating news and comments on the events into the two languages. A fantastic idea and one I will keeping an eye on. It might highlight a few issues for me to blog about!

The other bloggers on the course, who will be added to the my blogroll very soon, were great fun! It was amazing to see how we all got along an dtook part in the energisers (games really) from all these countries. The Euromed evening was a great way to learn about these fasicinating cultures as well as try out food an drink from the different countries and learn about the issues in them.

So what can you expect to see changing on the blog? Well hopefully you will see more blogging about issues in the Euromed region and the work of the Anna Lindh Foundation in Ireland and in the Euromed region. Intercultural Dialogue is such a wide area in my mind that I have lots of ideas in my head on what to blog about. Also in September their will be an online campaign on Restore Trust, Rebuild Bridges that we as bloggers will be running so keep an eye out for it!

So a huge thanks to the Anna Lindh Foundation, the organisers, trainers, and of course the other bloggers for a fantastic time and I hope I have made good connections that will blossom into a great Euromed Partnership of friends!

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Author: Stephen

Cork born and bred, proud European and Irishman. Involved in many organisations and politics. Also writes for and UCC Express.

3 thoughts on “ALF Training: Culture, Identity and Dialogue”

  1. Hey, Stephen!

    You’re got me interested! What else did you pick up at the training? As we’re going to be blogging in the same competition together, would love to read more! 😀


    1. ahh but Joe, if I told you what I learned it will give away my advantage in the competition! 😉

      Most of the learning was through non-formal education so its far hard to pass on the knowedge via text. Check out Carmel’s post on it. There was a lot on how you deal with situations as well as when intercultural dialogue really happens, also we discussed ethno-centrism and ethno-relevatism. It was soo riveting. Learning by doing is far better IMO.

      Also someone else in the competition was on the training!! So it shall be fun in Copenhagen! 😀

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