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Okay so an Board Snip has been published and its recommending some serious cuts in various sections of Government. Some are good ideas, others are savage. I agree with most of the mergers but not with some of the cuts.

There is one thing we must remember with the report. It is only recommendations. We now know what the Government have been recommended to do, so if we think soething shouldn’t be done we need to get out there and lobby for what we want protected.

This is the advantage of the democracy we live. A lot of TD’s (especially rural TDs) will be looking at this report and shaking at the thought of the next election if some of these measures are brought to pass.

The Oireactas is on its summer break, so it is the perfect time to get lobbying your TD and giving them the reasons why the cuts shouldnt happen.

I know I will be lobbying my TDs on a few of the issues that I care about, its up do you do lobby for what you want!

Check out the Irish Election posts on the Bord Snip reports to see what is being recommended without going through the report.

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2 thoughts on “An Bord Snip”

  1. I think that’s a good point you make about the recommendations. The ball is now in the governements court and what they cut is up to them. I heard yesterday that they may only be looking for $3.5billion(I can’t believe I just use ‘only’ and ‘3.5billion’ in the same sentence) from the recommendations, so there may be some room for manovering.

    True, lobbying your TD is a good idea but in my opinion the only ones that the government will give in to is the independents as they will fear losing their support.

    1. I think the Government will have to listen to alot of its rural TD’s. Alot of them arent happy with how things are being run at the top (very unhappy with certain ministers) so if enough pressure is put on them, they will pressurise the Government. The Government have stated they will not implement everything so this is a shopping list. We can help determine the list if we use our power as citizens and voters.

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