And their off! The Swedes take over the EU

The Swedish Presidency starts today and on the same day their EU Minister Cecilia Malmström starts a blog. The Swedish are really showing the rest of the member states how to engage degitally, thats for sure. I wonder will Spain, who are due to hold the Presidency of the European Council from January next year.

She says in her blog that she will use the blog

to tell readers about the work of the Swedish presidency and to comment on debates, meetings and other current developments within the European Union

Im looking forward keeping up with her blog.

Sweden will be representing the EU at all international events, including the climate change conference in Copenhagen in the Autumn.

Sweden will focus its programme on the following:

  • Economy and employment
  • Climate
  • The Stockholm Program
  • The Baltic
  • EU and outside world
  • and the New Parliament, Commission and the Treaty of Lisbon

The full programme is here

Julien Frisch is hoping the Swedish Presidency will provide the same hope as Obama

  • A new spirit compared to the previous presidency,
  • a call for more transparency, and
  • a clear stand on climate change.

High hopes, lets hope they live up to it!

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