Lisbon Round-Up: Greens Say Yes and No Side Lies

Lisbon Treaty referendum Ireland
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In a change of heart from the last referendum on the Treaty of Lisbon, the Green Party narrowly agreed to back the treaty at its convention last Saturday. There was plenty of blog coverage. Here are some to check out: CorkPolitics, IrishElection and Jim on Blogactiv. Fair play to the Greens and I look forward to seeing them on the canvass.

Labour launched there Yes campiagn good and early which was covered by Evert over on Irish Election. He takes a look at what Labour are saying about the EIB.

Stanley Crossick on blogactiv takes a look at the role of National Parliaments under Lisbon in light of the ruling of the German Constitutional Court.

Of course Lisbon isn’t an only Irish issue. Grahnlaw updates us on the goings on in the Åland Parliament (Part of Finland) and European Voice says Klaus is going to try and derail Lisbon again.

Returning to Ireland, Jim tells us how Lisbon even comes up when he is on holidays. Lucinda Creighton asks Do We Need Europe at the MacGill Summer School. The answer of course we do!

And to finish up, Evert tries to spin some untruths about Lisbon over on Irish Election. I try and take him to task in the comments, along with some others, do join in!

As usual if you think I have missed anything let me know! Email: stephen{at}stephenspillane{dot}com or tweet me!

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Author: Stephen

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10 thoughts on “Lisbon Round-Up: Greens Say Yes and No Side Lies”

  1. I am disappointed in you. “Spinning untruths” is a strong statement, but having visited Irish Election, I see nothing of the kind. I don’t agree with Evert on everything he has written there, but I see no untruth whatsoever.

    1. Just for you Fergus, some of the Untruths:

      “Because we (possibly) might make more money from voting yes for Lisbon we should let the EU also control our political & legislative systems.”

      “There is no (real) need to expand the powers of the EU government and limit those of the individual national governments.”

      Neither of those statements are true.

  2. Membership of the EU has *always* required a certain loss of sovereignty, otherwise known as controlling and limiting your own affairs, (and I have no problem in principle with that). Lisbon will mean even more loss of sovereignty. I don’t have any problem with that in principle, either.

    However, it is entirely debatable whether it is a good idea.

    I will go further: it cannot be a good idea if it is NOT debatable.

  3. I agree, but its pooled soverignity, as we can get it back. EU can only control or limit where the Government agree to allow it too.

    Areas included are debatable, but its a bit late now.

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